So, No $800 MacBook

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Some interesting back-story on the new MacBooks released yesterday. Late last week, a rumor churned that the entry price-point for the new (low-end) MacBook would be $800, which would be a startling change of pace for Apple. This turned out not to be the case.

The rumor was apparently started exclusively by Duncan Riley, formerly of the vapid TechCrunch, who went out and started his own pseudo-journalism technology blog. Many prominent Mac bloggers have harped on Riley’s calculated risk, but Riley is resoundingly defiant (emphasis added)…

Sometimes in this game you print unsubstantiated tips. Sometimes they don’t work out. [...] If some people have issues with that, there’s little I can do to change your mind, but anyone who has ever worked in journalism or high level blogging knows the risks and issues around tips, and I’m not about to change the way I deal with them just because one wasn’t totally correct in what it included. If we hadn’t published this, someone else would have.

Tip of the hat to Infinite Loop.

Semi-related question: How important is a back-lit keyboard?

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  1. chuck Says:

    Shouldn’t Riley have written “If we hadn’t made this up out of thin air, someone else would have.” That anguished gasp you hear is that of Riley’s integrity and journalistic ethics dying.