A Polish Scene

Posted at 9:00 pm on Friday, July 10, 2009, in Travels, and tagged , .

I wrote this while sitting in a Polish sidewalk café in a failed search for a free wifi connection…

2009/05/25 12:44pm Pol

I am sitting in a café/bar in Pisz, a small city in rural northern Poland, maybe a couple hours from Gdańsk, formerly known as Danzig. Damn the Germans. I am on my second beer. My second half-liter of Żywiec, pronounced zhivy-itz. The waiter asked me if I’d like the German menu. I asked for the English menu. (I wasn’t going to order anything besides the beer anyway, which I know how to do, but nonetheless.) He said there was no English menu. Mind you, this entire conversation was in English. He brought me a beer. He’s earning a good tip.