First Read Bleeds

Posted at 9:09 am on Thursday, July 23, 2009, in Obama Administration, and tagged , , , .

MSNBC’s oft-cited First Read, yesterday

Will Obama be able to articulate specific policy proposals on health care that he’s for, or will we hear more of the same chatter on his principles? Repetition is always important to pushing a message, but one of the things that may be slowing down the process in Congress is that the president hasn’t come out publicly on the specifics. He won’t even say if he’s OK with the millionaires’ surtax or not; whether a co-op is enough to fulfill his “public option” promise; or what amount of “virtually” universal coverage is satisfactory.

And this morning

Honest question: Is there a point when the president knows too much about an issue? He got into the weeds a number of times on a number of different aspects of health care, which is what his diehard supporters love, but might not grab the attention of the average viewer.

Chuck Todd is not Tim Russert.