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  • The Heist of 2001 — Syracuse v. VaTech

    This is the oldest post that I never completed (until now). I started writing it in 2003, and it was supposed to follow one of my most influential posts: A Case Against Perennially Over-Ranked VaTech. I was going to spend a considerable amount of time going through the entire 2001 football season, game by game, [...]

  • 3000 Is Not Important

    Baseball is funny. It elevates its statistics and creates thresholds that are so unrealistic, however sporadically attained, it precludes many of the greatest ballplayers from being considered elite. Unless you discount the numbers altogether, and without numbers, you do not have baseball. The most oft-mentioned statistic as categorically “unfair” is the 300 wins for starting [...]

  • White Elephants

    Live, right now, on NBC in the bay area: SF Giants vs. Oakland A’s, played in Oakland. By rule, er, by law, all games of the bay series should be played in San Francisco and their beautiful waterside ballpark, AT&T Park (formerly and still locally known as Pac Bell Park), not simply for the sake [...]

  • First Come, First Served

    The A’s have tried almost everything. They offer $2 tickets on Wednesdays (along with $1 hot dogs, although they are not regular-sized hot dogs; I also believe there is a limit of 10 per person per transaction). They have an all-you-can-eat section (a true-blue value of $35). But still their seats remain empty, thousands of [...]

  • ReLax

    While I was away, Syracuse repeated as national champions, in historic fashion…

  • Sharks

    I’m going to give it a chance tonight. That is, western hockey. Growing up in Buffalo and going to school in Syracuse, I have my obvious biases — Sabres and eastern hockey, Big East basketball, AFL football. But I live in the bay area, and I’d love to watch more hockey. Whenever the Sabres make [...]

  • Marching

    I’m biased, what can I say. I’m predicting — boldly — a rematch of Syracuse and UConn in the final for this year’s tournament… Click for complete bracket. For you long-time readers, these picks may seem familiar, and they should. Two years ago, I predicted an all Big East Final Four (it didn’t happen), and [...]

  • Syracuse vs. UConn

    I don’t have ESPN anymore, so I listened to the last four overtimes on the radio (over the internet)… Image: ESPN A pretty good birthday gift. UPDATE — And the highlights…

  • Gonzo Reilly

    Rick Reilly is not that funny of a guy, but he tries to be in his ESPN column, and I respect that. In his latest column however, Reilly abandons logic when he suggests that the 2001 MVP award should have gone to Luis Gonzales, as well as the home run record, because the actual winner [...]

  • Super Bowl

    I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. I’m sure a lot of people did. It was the first game I watched this season. I hadn’t even watched a portion of a game longer than a minute or two. But the game was good, and it was worth it. So was the guacamole. I do not like [...]

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