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  • Amsterdam

    I foolishly, but honestly, confided in my wife while vacationing in Amsterdam recently. I told her that if — and when — I have my nervous breakdown, or mid-life crisis, or whatever, that this would be where she could find me… Amsterdam. It was honest in that I believe it actually would be true, if [...]

  • The view from my window.

  • AMS

    Sitting in the Amsterdam airport. Schiphol. Pronounced Skipel. People-watching. The flight was one of the better ones I’ve been on, except they served too much food. I never thought that that would be an issue, but apparently it can be. We have a four-hour layover, and no free wifi. Fifteen minutes costs three euros. I [...]

  • Handling Your High

    From Fodor’s online guide to Amsterdam… To answer the question, yes, I’m looking forward to this trip.

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